About Cormet

Cormet Campus Catering is a well-known name in the industry across the country. Personal involvement is our greatest strength.

A history of Cormet
Cormet Campus Catering provides catering tailored to educational institutions and maintains food and drink vending machines. For 20 years we have been providing catering facilities at educational institutions at 108 locations and we employ more than 400 people throughout the Netherlands. We are a progressive dynamic catering organisation which offers high quality at accessible prices. We strive for flexibility, partnership, customisation, durability, service and quality.

What's in the name?
The Cormet name is a contraction of the names of Rijkent Cornelius and Frank Metzelaar, the founders and current directors of our company. For the past 20 years they have both shared their passion for school catering. For clients Rijkent and Frank are familiar faces who regularly come to check up on the different locations, because the best way to the top is through personal involvement.
Partners for the long-term
In striving to be the best educational catering company, Cormet places great emphasis on long term partnerships rather than short term contractual profit. We are proud of the fact that, despite (or because of) prescribed tender procedures, we still regularly and repeatedly extend contracts with existing clients. The quality, pricing, transparency, market knowledge and flexibility of Cormet, combined with our passion, form a strong foundation for long term relationships.

Personally involved
Educational catering is not something you 'just do'. In our years of experience we have found the right balance between the needs of students and educational institutions. Our personal commitment to more than 100 clients has seen Cormet grow into a leading independent school caterer.

Healthy lifestyle
Cormet makes a positive contribution to a safe learning environment and a healthy lifestyle. We provide healthy and fair catering concepts that take into account different audiences and individual requirements. Flexibility and customization are important to us. Just like passion and personal entrepreneurship of our employees. Our goal is to become the best education caterer, not the biggest.

For the long-term
Cormet is proud of its longstanding relationships with loyal clients. We are convinced that our personal involvement plays an important role in this. Our approach to educational catering goes beyond establishing procedures, manuals and handbooks. We are hospitality service providers and quality is always determined by people; our people.

Know your audience
Cormet makes products like cheese sandwiches which is not rocket science, but we do tailor our offers to the wishes of the students and also take into account the wishes of the educational institution and the guidelines for healthy eating. Our site managers are given the freedom to respond to the situation on the ground. If students decide not to eat at school, we find out the reason.

Extras for students
Cormet organises and participate in special activities at school and with students. Clients can also rely on our service for parties, events, or theme weeks. We also work with 'our schools' to link education and catering, such as short courses or vocational guidance.
Frank Metzelaar and Rijkent Cornelius
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