On average, 750 guests per day enjoy the offer of the restaurant in the Forum building (1st floor)?
That on average Cormet serves 30% more guests every day than the previous caterer?
That 87% of guests between 12:00-13:00 in the afternoon and that the waiting time is on average 5 minutes?
That of all meats, chicken has the lowest environmental impact?
When buying fish, you should use the WNF fishguide.
The production of bottled water costs a huge load of water, oil and garbage.
That the government has the ambition to 2015 for 100% sustainable procurement? That more and more responsible products are available in the super markets?
That too many additions of E numbers in your food, is an attack on your liver?
That in addition to water, air and light, the main source of energy for your body is food ?
That the term 'light' on packaging may stand if 30% or less of sugar, or 30% less fat and 30% fewer calories are in one product?

Facts and Figures

Did you know?


Facts of Wageningen

  • •    On average, the Forum restaurant (1st floor) hosts 750 guests per day.
  • •    On average, Cormet serves 30% more daily guests than the previous caterer.
  • •    87% of the guests arrive between 12.00 – 13.00 and the average waiting time is 5 minutes.

Sustainability facts

  • •    Of all meats, chicken has the lowest environmental impact.
  • •    The production of a water bottle requires water and oil.
  • •    The sustainable product range of supermarkets is growing.
  • •    Switzerland is the greenest country in the world.
  • •    Parkinson's disease, asthma, eczema, depression, migraines and even irritable bowel syndrome are increasingly associated with pesticides.
  • •    Anyone who lives in the industrialised world annually consumes about 5 pounds of additives, a gram of heavy metals, and at least 4.5 litres of pesticides.
  • •    The products most sprayed by pesticides are: potatoes, lemons, cherries, mandarins and capsicum. The least sprayed by pesticides are: pineapples, asparagus, melon and red cabbage.

Healthy facts
  • •    Too many E-numbers in your food will damage your liver.
  • •    In addition to water, air and light, the main source of energy for your body is food.
  • •    The term 'light' on packaging may mean 30% less sugar, 30% less fat, or 30% fewer calories.
  • •    Herbs like oregano and thyme have high nutritional values.
  • •    Broccoli contains substances that inhibit the development of cancer.
  • •    Green tea helps prevent high cholesterol and high blood pressure.
  • •    Red Capsicum is healthier than yellow or green ones.
  • •    Cinnamon is not only a good flavour, but also has a strong antibacterial effect.
  • •    Raw ginger is highly effective against parasites.