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Applying Cormet Campus Catering's smiley system
Our product range is characterised by smileys. This is based on the information of the Nutrition Centre. Their advice is to eat something from each food group every day and keep it as varied as possible. The sections are as follows:

  • Fruit and vegetables.
    Bread, cereals, potatoes, rice, pasta or legumes
    Dairy, meat, fish, egg or meat substitutes
    Fats, oils

The smileys are only used for products from the above groups and the classification is according to the prescribed guidelines of the Nutrition Centre, this means: a - preferred products, b ā€“ mid-range products and cā€“ non-preferred products. This results in the following classification of Cormet Catering's product range:

The green smiley indicates healthy choices. Examples are fruit, due to vitamin C content or brown bread, due to fibre content.

The orange smiley indicates mid-range products. These products, if eaten occasionally, are not bad, but neither do they contribute to your health. They have more saturated fat, less fibre, and more energy. These products can be chosen from time to time. Examples are semi-skimmed milk and ham.

Not too often!
The red smiley indicates non-preferred products. These are products that you should not eat too often. They contain high levels of saturated fat and sugar, and low levels of fibre and vitamin C. An example is a white sandwich with brie or full fat yoghurt drinks.

Products without a smiley! 
Some products fall outside the food groups, such as warm and cold snacks, candy, cake, chocolate, chips and ice. These products do not receive a smiley at Cormet. However, the counter display or the machines indicate that these products a lot of energy. If you are receiving a well-balanced daily intake of about 1700 kcal from the food groups, you can imbibe an additional 300 kcal from these extra products. Cormet advises you to look at the amount of kcal that these products contain and to choose as many products from the food groups as possible with plenty of variety.

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