Every week we introduce new products, special discounts or meal deals.

Sandwich of the Month January 2018

Broodje van de maand Januari 2018

Sandwich of the month December 2017

Broodje van de maand December

Sandwich of the month November 2017

broodje van de maand november klein

Between 5 pm and 7 pm


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Sandwich of the Month October 2017

201709 narrowcasting bvdm slide wur 9.13

Sandwich of the Month June 2017

Broodje van de maand Juni 2017 klein

Sandwich of the Month May 2017

Broodje van de maand Mei klein

Sandwich of the Month April 2017

Sandwich of the Month March 2017

Broodje van de maand Maart 2017


Sandwich of the month February 2017

Broodje van de maand februari 2017 WEB

Sandwich of the Month Januari 2017

Focaccia bread with Hummus spread, feta cheese
and bell pepper.



Please notice !!

We have special COOKIE deals in the Forum restaurant,

Forum Grand café and Gaia-Lumen Kiosk.
Alle COOKIES are € 1 a piece.
So fill your bag(S) if you can !


Sandwich of the Month December 2016

201612 gecomprimeerd tonijnsalade kalfsfricandeau NC EN
In the month of November 2016 till February 2017 Cormet Enjoy the good life
will pilot a comprehensive line up of plant-based,
100% biodegradable* cleaning products, called SURE® that deliver the professional cleaning results we need - while being safe for people and kind to the environment.
Please check out this website for more information.

Sandwich of the month November 2016



Broodje van de maand November 2016 klein


Sandwich of the month Oktober 2016

broodje van de maand oktober klein

Sandwich of the Month september 2016



Due to the bad weather forcast we will not be present

with our Foodtrucks in week 22. Sorry !!

The next 4 weeks there will be Cormet foodtrucks standing in front of

Forum building (week 20, 21,22 and 23).
Come and enjoy a nice kebab or homemade french fries.
Mmmmmm !!!  Delicious !

Cormet Enjoy the Good Life !


Grand Café Forum Weekend Opening !!


Please notice that Grand Café Forum will be open

in the weekend of 30 april amd 1 may 2016.
Opening hours are 11 am - 3 pm.







New in Grand Café Forum


From 19 april 2016 you can purchase a delicious Milkshake

in Grand Café Forum.
Price  € 2,50  (only payable with bankcard)


When is your SHAKE moment !!!

Cormet, enjoy the good life !






From 1 march2016 till 1 may 2016 (Pilot periode) we will serve
on your request a delicious VEGAN cappuccino (with soyamilk).

So come and join us for great VEGAN coffee specialties
in GRAND CAFE Forum.

Cormet, Enjoy the good life !!


Coming week Typical Dutch in Forum restaurant

Please join us coming week (16, 17 & 18 feb) in Forum restaurant where we serve 

typical dutch dishes.

Be there or be square !!






InsectBurger in Forum Restaurant

Come and taste the food of the future in Forum

restaurant where we will serve a great Insectburger on
Tuesday 8 december 2015.
We only have 100 burgers to sell so be early
if you want to taste it.


Be there and enjoy the good life !

check out :  https://www.nochey.com/nl/



Again an Innovative novelty in Forum restaurant


In cooperation with Cormet and FOBI we present for you

This is a Muesli candybar made from Insects.
It will be sold in the Student Cooking Corner on
Wednesday 2 december 2015.
Be there and taste the food of the Future.

Check out: https://www.facebook.com/fobi.sc/


Innovative experiment in Forum restaurant

Always wanted to know how seeweed taste ?


On monday 16 november 2015 we serve a

made from soyabits and pure Kombu seeweed.

We only have 100 pieces so be in time to get one !!

HEY you all  !!!


We just had an enlargement on our Gluten-Free assortment.
So please join the Forum restaurant for your Gluten-free
products and feel free to ask our staff for info.



COMBI DEAL (week 37 till week 42,   2015)

Daily fresh Panini + 0,5 l bottle
of chaudfontaine for
€ 3,50





During the 2015 summer periode Forum restaurant will
be open from monday till friday.
Due to this period there will be different
opening hours.
Mon-Fri 11.30 am till 1.30 pm

From 24 august 2015 we will be open again on our regular schedule.

The Cormet catering team wish you a fantastic summer vacation !!

Hot Fresh Baked Pizza Project

In week 24 and 25 we will sell fresh baked pizzas in Forum


Catch this Italian feeling and Join us the coming weeks.

Cormet Catering Supports "Meatless Monday"!!

In collaboration with the WUR and Green Office, Cormet provides, every monday of the week, starting 11 may 2015, a mostly vegetarian assortment in all our restaurants on the WUR campus.
Eating meat one time less per week contributes to a more sustainable lifestyle, as meat production affects recent important issues of our society, such as global warming (climate change), human health, animal welfare, carbon footprint and world nutrition.

For Comments + or - please contact Green Office !! Give your opinion !!


Hey !!

This weekend (2 & 3 may 2015) our Grand Café
will be open(saturday and sunday)

Opening hours are: 11.00 am - 03.00 pm

By the way did you know that you can pay now at all our

restaurants with the next international creditcards.JCB, UnionPay, Visa, Maestro and Mastercard 

plaatje unionpay.jpg - 6.85 KB  plaatje JCB.jpg - 6.25 KB.plaatje visa.jpg - 3.76 KB plaatje maestro.jpg - 11.29 KB plaatje mastercard.jpg - 7.79 KB

One World Week

Meet us in from 26-03-15 till 01-04-15 in Forum restaurant

for delicious country lunch deals.

Thursday:        ITALY Theme
Friday    :        INDIA Theme
Monday  :        THAILAND theme
Tuesday :        MOROCCO theme
Wednesday :    SPAIN theme

SEE YA !!!

Seen at the Sustainabul Roadshow now in Forum by CORMET
Grow your own Oyster mushrooms with the Mushroom Farm Kit.
Really nice, funny and yummy to grow mushrooms yourself.
Also very nice as a give away present.
Price for a MFK is € 12,50


In the month Oktober 2014 you will find in our Forum restaurant a VEGAN challenge. Every week in Oktober we will present a 100% VEGAN dish in our Restaurant. We will start in week 40 with a delicious and tastefull Curried Chickpea salad  Awesome!! 
In week 41 we serve a delicious Grilled Peanutbutter and apple sandwich, Yummy !!!
For week 42 we will serve a Grilled Hummus, Sauteed onion, tomato and Arugula Sandwich.
In week 43 we will serve a Spicy Hummus and Carrot/Cilantro sandwich.Mmmm....
And last but not least in the last week (44) of the VEGAN CHALLENGE Oktober month we serve a

Lentil & sun dried tomato and hummus wrap, unbelievable nice !!

Every week will be a suprise so check our site regulary.

Starting from week 36 (1 september 2014) we will once again serve our famous freshly cooked hot meals from Mondays to Thursdays.
Serving time is between 17.00 and 19.00 in the Forum restaurant.

You are more then welcome to join us.


In the coming months you will find a variety of food specials in all the
Cormet restaurants on Wageningen UR Campus.

From sandwich deals and fish and chicken deals to world championship football
participation, we have the deal for you.

Please join us and ENJOY!!




In April 2014 our Forum restaurant presents a VEGAN challenge.
Every week in April we will offer a 100% VEGAN sandwich in our sandwich bar.
We start with a delicious Spicy Carrot Sandwich in week 14, so please come and try it.
Week 15 will feature a fantastic Grilled Hummus Sandwich YUMMY!!
Week 16 will feature a tasteful Curried Chickpea salad sandwich Awesome!!
And last but not least,Week 17 will feature a great Chickpea, Cranberry, and Celery Salad (with hummus toast).






From Monday 24 February 2014 till Friday 21 March 2014

As a TRY OUT the WECANTEEN stall will be open from 11.00 – 19.00 from
Monday to Thursday.

On Fridays the stall will be open from 11.00 – 14.00.

Every week a new surprising food experience!!

Week 9 : Monday to Friday : Joeri Tandoeri (Indian kitchen) http://www.joeritandoeri.nl/wordpress/

Week 10 : Monday to Friday : Crepe Centraal (French crepes sweet and savoury)

Week 11 : Monday to Friday : BIO Toko (BIO Indonesian food) http://www.biotokozutphen.nl/catering/

Week 12 : Monday: BIO TOKO (Bio Indonesian food)

Tuesday and Wednesday: Colours World Food www.colorsworldfood.nl

Thursday and Friday: DOS CHICAS (Latin American food) http://doschicas.nl/index.html

COME JOIN US the next 4 weeks in FORUM at WE CANTEEN!!




From 25 November 2013 we sell the DOPPER in the Forum restaurant (€12.50). A sustainable, trendy and Dutch designer bottle. This water bottle is not only convenient, but buying it also supports drinking water and sanitary projects in Nepal.

From 9 December 2013 it
is possible to fill your DOPPER with milk, buttermilk or fresh orange juice in the Forum restaurant.

Prices are €1.15 for milk and €1.90 for juice.




No more waiting queues for your Chinese meals !! (in Forum & Espressobar)

Because of the long waiting queues for Chinese hot meals, Cormet has implemented a coin system meal payment.

From 18 November 2013 it is possible to pay for your meal with these cute coins.

You can buy these coins at the cash desks of the Forum restaurant and these coins can be used in the Forum restaurant and the Espressobar (kiosk at Dreijenplein 4).

White coins €3.25 are for the simple meal and the blue coins €4.25 are for the bigger meal.

We advise you to buy your coins at the cash desks between 10.00 and 11.00 as that is the quiet period at the cash desks.

If you are a frequent user it might be a good idea to buy some more coins for the rest of the week.

If you do not have a coin when you show up at the Chinese counter, don't worry, It is still possible
to pay with your bank card or chip card at our cash desks.

We hope this eliminates the queues.

Have a nice meal and enjoy!!

The Cormet Campus Catering Team



From Thursday 17 October 2013 there are gluten free products available in our Forum restaurant.

We will provide a range of gluten free bread products, candy bars and snacks.

You can find these products in the sweets display of our counter buffet in the Forum restaurant.

If you want to use the gluten free snacks for other events it will be necessary
to contact our banqueting department at 0317-486373.

New harvest 2013 Apples and Pears in the Cormet Catering restaurants of the Wageningen UR

Because Cormet Catering prefers to mainly work with local producers of fruit and vegetables, the last two years has seen a collaboration between the fruit farms of WUR Fruit and 'de Hoge Born' (WUR EKO Farm).

Starting this week the new harvest of apples and pears will be sold in all the Cormet restaurants on the Wageningen campus.
To commemorate this, Cormet catering and WUR Fruit will give a free apple for every customer in our restaurants in Wageningen UR on Thursday 19 September 2013.
The fruit farms of WUR Fruit provide us with high quality apples and pears.
The fruit farms are situated in a small village called Randwijk, just outside Wageningen.

Oyster mushroom croquette

Cormet in cooperation with GRO (Green Recycled Organics) is introducing the delicious oyster mushroom croquette. The mushrooms are grown on old coffee that is harvested from caterers. These mushrooms are then used to make the delicious oyster mushroom croquette, without any additives. Click this LINK for the promotional film.

Oyster Croquette Facebook

The croquettes and meatballs from GRO contain no E-numbers and are supplemented by including organic celeriac from Farmer Ted. They are delicious, 100% vegetarian snacks, with the mushroom providing a unique flavour. These gourmet snacks are developed in close collaboration with a star chef and artisan croquette producer. Oyster mushrooms are packed with healthy proteins, minerals and vitamins and are low in calories. That makes this snack a little healthier!

Interested? You can taste this special croquette on 27 May. Be there!

Cormet is open to student initiatives. From 1 January 2013 we have set-up, in close cooperation with Green Office Wageningen (GOW), a special display: 'Student Cooking'. This display will be located in the Forum restaurant. Students will get the opportunity to offer homemade products. From delicious homemade marmalade to complete hot meals, anything is possible.

Interested? Send an email to Marta Eggers from GOW at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.