Sustainability policy

"everyday a little more sustainable"


what is actually CSR/sustainability?

What is CSR?
CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility. It means that you as a company in addition to financial performance (Profit) , have attention for social interests (People) andnature or the environment (Planet).

What is the differencebetween CSR andsustainability?
Although these terms have different backgrounds, they both know social, environmental and financial aspects. CSR is the application of the concept of ' sustainability ' on business activities.

What does this mean for Cormet?


Sustainable procurement begins with an ambition. It is important to decide on the place of sustainability within the organisation: Cormet would like to the best, most sustainable education caterer of Netherlands, not the biggest. For us, CSR is not end goal but a journey where we, together with our clients, like to realize our shared objectives on the base of partnership. "Everyday a little better".


Cormet provides specific, responsible and fair education catering concepts that take into account different target groups and individual wishes. Flexibility and customisation are high priority. Cormet makes a positive contribution to a safe, sustainable learning environment and a healthy lifestyle.

Cormet recognises its exemplary role in corporate social responsibility within the education catering and is convinced to invest in people and planet on short term base will also also results in profit on a long term base.. She is constantly trying to provide a positive contribution to a healthy and sustainable society. The quality, pricing, transparency, market knowledge and flexibility of Cormet prove together to be a good foundation for long-term relationships. Personal involvement is our way of doing business.

Cormet will contribute to economic, social and environmental developments.

We are very proud to be certified to the MVO-Matrix (inspired by the NEN-ISO 26000:2010)


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