Cormet has a set of core values that are reflected in our day-to-day operations. These are the essential and sustainable fundamental principles which we believe in as an organisation including our employees. The following core values are part of the organisational identity of Cormet:

• As healthy as possible

Cormet places importance on providing customers with healthy and sustainable food choices. Are students aware of what they eat, where it comes from and the nutritional value of their food? Cormet strives to provide the knowledge to enable customers to make conscious, healthy choices.

• Minimal effect on the environment

Through its purchasing, material use, consumables and services, Cormet strives to consider environmental aspects so as to reduce the effect on the environmental as much as possible. This is reflected in waste processing, logistics, cleaning techniques, and water and energy consumption.

• Include people

Cormet understands the importance of people in the sustainability process. 'Sustainable business is collaborative business'. This means instructing, raising awareness and collaborating with clients, staff, customers and other involved parties.

            • Social commitment

Cormet maintains a social role and tries to make a positive contribution towards a healthy, sustainable and social-economic society.

• Flexibility

Cormet is a dynamic organisation. Not only does it fit its business operations to the individual wishes and needs of the target group, it also accounts for the developments in the market and adapts accordingly.


The corevalues have been translated into a number of keywords.

• Health;                   

• Environment;          

• Flexibility;

• Progress;

• People;



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